How do I play “Highway to Hell” on guitar?

Playing “Highway to Hell” on guitar is relatively straightforward. Begin by tuning your guitar to standard tuning, EADGBE. Once tuned, you will need to learn the basic chords used in the song – A5, B5 and E5 – which should be easy enough for a beginner guitarist to pick up. Next, familiarize yourself with the fingerpicking pattern associated with each chord as this will provide the foundation of your strumming rhythm. Practice playing along with an audio recording or video tutorial of the song until you are comfortable playing it from start to finish.

Materials Needed

In order to play the classic AC/DC song “Highway to Hell,” there are certain pieces of equipment necessary. An electric guitar and amp will be needed. A quality instrument is best since it ensures that every note and chord rings true when playing live or recording in a studio. The type of amp should match the genre and style of music being played; for this classic rock anthem, distortion is key. Guitarists will need basic tools like picks and strings which can easily be found at any music store or online marketplace.

For players wishing to make the most out of their performance, effects pedals are a great option as they add depth and texture to their sound. Delay and distortion boxes, along with other special effects options such as reverb and wah-wah pedals, offer a plethora of creative possibilities for musicians looking to expand upon the traditional guitar tone from Highway To Hell.

Some knowledge about how chords work on the fretboard is vital for playing this classic tune correctly. Understanding these basics enables users to craft solos that both stay true to the original while still managing to inject their own unique flavor into proceedings. This allows fans new or old to engage with one of hard rock’s cornerstone songs while having fun doing it.

Chords Used in the Song

Learning how to play the iconic classic rock song “Highway To Hell” on guitar can be a great experience. The chords used in this song are very straightforward, allowing beginners and experienced guitar players alike to recreate the riffs and licks of the original AC/DC recording.

At its core, “Highway To Hell” is comprised of a few basic chords. These include A minor, E major, D major, F sharp minor and G major – all five common open chord shapes that most guitarists have probably already encountered in their playing journey. As such, strumming through these simple chords should not pose too much of a challenge to even new learners.

If you are looking for extra detail when performing this track live or just want to make it more interesting while practicing at home, then adding in some hammer-ons or pull-offs between chord changes can help bring the whole song together with greater authenticity. Playing palm muted powerchords instead of full open chords also sounds great when soloing over them as well as creating an awesome riff when strummed through.

Strumming Pattern

Learning to play the classic AC/DC song “Highway to Hell” on guitar can be a daunting task. The key to mastering this song lies in understanding its strumming pattern, which is relatively easy but requires precision and accuracy. To begin, place your right hand above the strings of the guitar and keep it in position until you reach the end of each bar or chord.

Strum up for all even-numbered notes; down for all odd-numbered notes. This technique is known as “upstroke” and will create a smooth sound throughout the song. When playing two or more chords at once, move from one chord to another by transitioning between them with an upstroke followed by a downstroke – this will ensure that both chords are heard clearly. Use your left hand to hold down any frets necessary for playing specific chords in order to achieve the desired sound for each section of the song.

To finish off your performance perfectly, add some accenting taps with your right hand thumb after each single note or measure played with your pick – this will make your rendition stand out and give it additional rhythmical interest. With practice and dedication, soon enough you’ll have “Highway To Hell” mastered!

Practice Tips and Tricks

Having a clear understanding of the chords and scales used in “Highway to Hell” is essential for mastering this classic. To help players, some guitarists have created helpful diagrams of each chord shape needed for the song. This is a great starting point for any aspiring musician looking to get their start in playing the iconic track.

Many experts recommend learning one section at a time when practicing new songs on guitar. The same goes for “Highway to Hell.” Start by focusing on individual sections such as verses or choruses before combining them into longer segments. When possible, practice along with an instructional video or recording of the song itself so you can hear how it’s supposed to sound and feel.

Proper fingering technique is also key when playing this type of music. In most cases, keeping your fingers close together while strumming will produce cleaner notes and allow you to play faster without compromising accuracy or tone quality. Make sure that you’re pressing down hard enough on each fretboard note; too little pressure won’t create a full sound and may cause buzzing noises in certain areas of the neck where strings are not ringing out properly. With regular practice and patience, even beginners should be able to nail this classic tune with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to learning how to play the iconic AC/DC hit, “Highway to Hell” on guitar, many questions come to mind. Do I need any special equipment? What level of expertise do I require? Here we will look at some of the most commonly asked queries and provide helpful answers that should make getting started a little bit easier.

You may be wondering if this song is suitable for beginner-level players or whether more experienced musicians will get more out of playing it. Fortunately, because the chords are fairly straightforward, this song is accessible enough for those who are just starting out on their musical journey; however, even accomplished guitarists can enjoy mastering its nuances.

Another common question is which equipment is required in order to properly execute “Highway To Hell”. Luckily all you really need is a standard electric or acoustic six-string guitar as well as an amplifier (or headphones). That’s about it. If you have these two essential items handy then you are good to go.

People often want advice regarding which version of “Highway To Hell” they should learn in order to begin playing this classic rock anthem right away. Our suggestion would be that novices start off with the original studio recording released by AC/DC back in 1979; however there are plenty of live versions available too that could also prove enjoyable and challenging depending on your skill set.






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