How do I play “What Makes You Beautiful” on guitar?

Playing “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction on the guitar is a relatively straightforward song. It’s played in the key of E and uses only basic chords. To play it, start with the E chord, then move to an A minor, B major, and finally back to an E chord. Strum each of these chords four times before transitioning to the next one. To add some variation to your strumming pattern you can alternate between down strokes and up strokes. Once you have mastered these chords, you can begin adding embellishments such as finger picking or small variations in rhythm to make the song more interesting.

Understanding the Chords Used in “What Makes You Beautiful”

Learning the chords for “What Makes You Beautiful” is a great way to begin exploring playing guitar. The song has an upbeat rhythm and simple, easy-to-follow chord progression that makes it ideal for newbies looking to learn the basics of strumming and chords. To start playing this One Direction hit, you will need to become familiar with some basic open chords used in pop music such as D major, A major and G major.

You may find it helpful to review video tutorials or search online forums for tips on how best to practice each of these open chords. Consider utilizing a metronome while practicing so you can keep time with the track’s tempo and refine your finger placement techniques. After mastering these three main chords along with their corresponding transitions, you should have no difficulty replicating “What Makes You Beautiful”.

To ensure that your rendition sounds professional, take time to focus on perfecting strumming patterns and incorporating rhythmic variations into your performance. Practicing specific passages at various speeds until they are completely memorized will help maximize fluidity and accuracy during live performances or recordings.

Mastering the Strumming Pattern for the Song

Learning how to play a song on the guitar involves more than just having an ear for music. Knowing how to strum the right chords is essential in mastering any song, and that includes playing “What Makes You Beautiful”. To get started, you will need to know the basic open chords used in this song: A-minor, E-major and D-major.

Once you understand these basic chords, it’s time to learn the appropriate strumming pattern for “What Makes You Beautiful”. This popular track starts off with two downstrokes followed by three upstrokes during each chord progression. If you’re still struggling with timing or keeping up with your rhythm, start out by playing a single downstroke per measure until you become comfortable with the speed of the song.

When performing live or recording a version of “What Makes You Beautiful”, feel free to experiment with alternate strums and rhythms as long as they fit within the context of the lyrics. Once you have nailed down both chords and strums associated with this tune, continue practicing until you can play through without making any mistakes. With patience and perseverance, you’ll be able to master not only this classic hit but also other songs on your guitar journey.

Learning the Intro and Verses of “What Makes You Beautiful”

One of the most iconic songs in recent history is One Direction’s hit single, “What Makes You Beautiful”. Every avid musician knows that if they want to learn this song on guitar, they need to know how to play the intro and verses. Luckily, learning these portions of the song are not overly difficult.

To get started, grab your favorite acoustic or electric guitar. Begin by mastering the basic chords used in the intro: F major 7th, G minor 6th, A minor 7th and C Major. You’ll want to make sure you have a good understanding of eighth notes for each chord so you can properly sync up with the music. To get comfortable playing these chords in time, practice strumming along to a metronome as it will help ensure accuracy.

Once you feel confident with strumming through all four chords at a steady pace for eight beats each time, start adding hammer-ons and pull-offs into your technique for each chord progression. This means fretting one note first then “hammering” onto another fret without picking it again – or pulling off from one note then picking another one below it afterwards. Practice this until you get comfortable changing between both techniques while keeping tempo intact. As an added challenge try changing strings during each transition as well.

Playing the Pre-chorus and Chorus

The pre-chorus and chorus of “What Makes You Beautiful” is one of the most memorable sections. To play it on guitar, begin by tuning your strings to the standard tuning (EADGBE). Next, strum an F Major chord in the key of C; you can do this by playing two notes together – the 2nd fret of the A string and then the 3rd fret on both E strings at once. Then move up to a Bb Minor Chord; this requires strumming three notes simultaneously: 1st fret of G String, 2nd Fret of D String and 3rd Fret of A string. Move onto a D7 Chord; for this you need to strum four notes: 0th Frets on all six strings (DGCFAD).

Once you have tuned your guitar and practiced playing each chord individually, practice transitioning between them quickly to recreate the sound from the song. Once you are comfortable with that part, add a few grace notes or lead licks as embellishment for extra flavor. To create these small runs in between chords, you can use chromatic passing tones – just slide from note to note – or use legato hammer-ons and pull offs while alternating two adjacent frets across multiple strings at once. These techniques will help make your version stand out.

Tips for Improving Your Performance of “What Makes You Beautiful”

Learning to play “What Makes You Beautiful” on guitar can be a daunting task. Before you begin practicing, it is important to set up your environment for success by having the right materials. Having an appropriate instrument with quality strings and tuning will ensure that you can execute each note properly. Consider using a metronome or drum machine to help keep time and make sure each chord change is played in synchronization.

Once you are ready to practice, take some time to familiarize yourself with the song’s structure before trying to learn every single detail of the music score. Many experienced musicians find it useful to break down songs into chunks and then memorize them one at a time as they become more comfortable playing along. Afterward, when you have mastered each segment, gradually combine these together until you have learned the entire piece from start to finish.

Practice makes perfect. Take as much time as needed for each individual phrase until it becomes second nature – this will help ensure accuracy and also improve your speed over time. Listening carefully while playing and repeating patterns slowly are both key elements of mastering any musical composition such as “What Makes You Beautiful”.






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