What guitar did Prince play?

Prince was known for his iconic and eclectic style. He favored the custom-made Cloud guitar, which he played in a range of settings from studio recordings to live performances. The Cloud Guitar was designed by Minneapolis luthier Dave Rusan who made three models especially for Prince between 1985 and 1992. It featured several unusual design elements such as an asymmetrical body shape and a longer fretboard. The Cloud was equipped with powerful pickups, allowing Prince to experiment with different sounds while playing the instrument. He also had other guitars that he used throughout his career including Fender Stratocasters, Telecasters, Gibson Les Pauls and Flying Vs.

Prince’s Preferred Guitar Brands and Models

Prince had a vast collection of guitars that he used in his career. He could often be seen playing Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Pauls and Flying V’s. His favorite model of guitar was the Telecaster which gave him a unique sound throughout his songs.

Throughout the years, Prince owned many different models of Fender Stratocasters such as the ’62 Reissue and the American Standard, as well as Gibsons like the Les Paul Classic, Studio and Standard models. It’s estimated that he owned over 400 different instruments during his lifetime. As for pickups, he usually opted for classic humbucker pickups but was also known to use single-coil Stratocaster pickups from time to time.

The one instrument that has become synonymous with Prince is the Cloud guitar – an iconic custom-built symbol style double-necked white electric guitar built by Dave Rusan in 1983 for him to perform “Purple Rain” at Live Aid in 1985. The Cloud guitar was originally made using parts from two Strats – a neck from a 1962 reissue model and a body from a 1977 model – making it one of Prince’s most unique instruments ever created.

Modifications and Customizations Made to His Guitars

Prince was renowned for his showmanship and unique style, which extended to the guitars he played. He famously owned an iconic yellow Cloud guitar with ‘Love Symbol #2’ written on it – crafted in 1992 as a custom order from Dave Rusan at Schecter Guitar Research. The Cloud model wasn’t known by many players and that helped Prince stand out even more when he used it in performances.

Apart from the striking look of his instruments, they were also modified and customized to suit Prince’s exact playing needs. These modifications ranged from changing pickup configurations to adding rare parts such as Bigsby vibrato tailpieces and Kahler tremolo bridges. He also had several versions of his famous symbol-shaped pickups made specifically for him; this allowed him to achieve tones only heard through one of his guitars. His rig was set up similarly across every tour, including a mix of various fuzz boxes, wah pedals and amplifiers connected through a variety of cables so he could have access to all the different sounds he desired.

One thing is certain – no matter what instrument or setup Prince chose, it delivered the same energy and emotion each time he stepped onto stage.

Iconic Performances Using Specific Guitars

Prince was known for putting on legendary performances, and his style of guitar playing left an everlasting impact in music. One iconic performance many people recall is when Prince performed with the Fender Stratocaster during his Super Bowl halftime show in 2007. This particular model had a custom Purple paisley finish and featured three single-coil pickups that complemented the artist’s signature sound.

He wasn’t just limited to using one guitar though; the master musician also made use of other classic guitars such as the Gibson L6S – a semi-hollow body electric he played during his appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1981 – as well as various acoustic models including Takamine’s EF360SC Dreadnought Cutaway and J45 models from Gibson. When it came to creating new sounds, Prince drew inspiration from a multitude of sources, often times switching between different instruments to capture unique tones throughout performances.

As a pioneer in contemporary music, Prince shaped modern pop culture by consistently experimenting with new ideas and pushing boundaries within popular music genres like funk, rock ‘n roll and R&B. His ability to blend multiple influences together into one cohesive musical experience continues to inspire today’s generation of artists – all thanks to his mastery of some truly amazing guitars.

Collaborations with Famous Luthiers on Unique Instruments

Prince was renowned for having an intense and abiding passion for guitar playing. As such, he often sought out the collaboration of well-known luthiers in order to acquire unique instruments that would help him stand out from the crowd. Among his most notable collaborations are those with famous guitar makers like Paul Reed Smith, Gary Griffin and Bill Dickens.

The association between Prince and PRS Guitars is perhaps one of the most highly recognized. He famously commissioned a “Cloud” model–named after the symbol which had become his icon–which featured a custom Purple finish and three humbuckers, with each pickup switchable to single coil or humbucking mode. The instrument quickly became known as “the Purple Cloud” among fans due to its striking looks; it even showed up on a number of album covers over the years.

Gary Griffin also crafted several custom guitars specifically tailored to Prince’s creative vision. His first offering was based on Gibson’s Flying V body shape but with a solid mahogany construction that included some unexpected touches such as set neck joint angles and extended range frets (allowing higher pitched notes). These guitars were so impressive that they served as a visual focal point during live performances throughout much of Prince’s career.

No matter what style or genre he played, Prince always looked for ways to make sure his music stayed at the cutting edge. This approach led him to seek out some remarkable musical instruments made by talented luthiers around the world. It is no wonder why many consider him one of rock music’s greatest innovators.

Legacy and Influence of Prince’s Guitar Playing Style

Prince’s iconic playing style on guitar is a major reason why he is remembered as one of the best musicians of his generation. His precise strumming technique and expressive use of vibrato made him stand out from other artists, allowing him to explore new sounds and influences.

The most well known guitar played by Prince was the Gibson L-Series, which became synonymous with the artist’s signature sound. While this particular model was popularised through his performances and recordings, it was actually just one of many guitars used by the legendary musician throughout his career. Other guitars such as Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters were also incorporated into his repertoire in order to create unique sonic textures.

Due to Prince’s skillful approach to playing guitar, he has left an indelible mark on modern music history. His influence can be heard in various genres today – from funk-rock to psychedelic jazz – demonstrating that even decades after his passing, Prince continues to shape musical culture around the world.






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