What guitar does Beabadoobee use?

Beabadoobee uses a Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar. She is often seen playing the Fender Player Telecaster in Butterscotch Blonde finish, which features an Alnico V pickup at the bridge and an Alnico III pickup at the neck. Beabadoobee’s live setup also includes a Zoom G3X multi-effects processor and Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal.

Beabadoobee: The Indie Sensation

Beabadoobee, the 20-year old Filipino indie sensation, has been making waves in the music scene for some time now. The artist first began releasing music as early as 2018 and has since become a beacon of hope for aspiring indie artists everywhere. From her unique vocal delivery to her catchy melodies, beabadoobee has used her guitar playing to create dreamy soundscapes that transport listeners into another realm.

An avid fan of 90s alternative rock and bedroom pop, beabadoobee’s style often reflects classic tones reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins or Elliott Smith combined with a modern take on genre-bending production techniques. She is well known for using a Fender Mustang PJ Bass to capture the rumbling low end in her songs and at live shows but she also plays other guitars such as a Squier Telecaster Thinline Deluxe and an Epiphone Les Paul Studio LT Electric Guitar. It’s no surprise why these instruments have become so popular amongst younger musicians; they offer ample tonal versatility within their designs whilst maintaining relatively affordable price tags.

It doesn’t stop there either – it’s clear that beabadoobee takes great pride in exploring different sounds whenever possible. She recently shared an Instagram post showing off some of her other guitars including: Gretsch Electromatic G5425 Jet Club electric guitar, Gibson SG Special electric guitar, Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection electric guitar and Eastwood S-250C surf green left handed semi hollow body electric guitar all filled with fuzz pedals, delays and reverb tanks alongside them. There’s no doubt that fans will continue to follow the artist closely as she continues to experiment with new sounds and push boundaries with her ever growing arsenal of instruments.

The Guitar: Beabadoobee’s Most Essential Tool

As a musician, having the right guitar is an essential part of crafting your sound. For rising indie artist beabadoobee, her signature sound and style are grounded in her use of a single instrument: the Fender Jazzmaster.

The Fender Jazzmaster has been favored by many iconic musicians over its decades-long history. During the 1960s, it was popularized by indie rock bands such as The Ventures and The Beach Boys, who used its bright tones to craft some of their most memorable riffs. Later on, it found success with alternative acts like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine who transformed it into a staple of underground music culture.

For beabadoobee, the Jazzmaster was integral in creating her unique blend of lo-fi dream pop and grunge-inspired soundscapes. Whether you’re listening to tracks off her 2020 debut album “Fake It Flowers”, or watching one of her highly acclaimed live performances – there’s no doubt that this instrument lies at the core of everything she does. By embracing both its classic vintage aesthetic and modern versatility, Bea has shown how this timeless piece can remain relevant in today’s musical landscape.

Squier Classic Vibe 60s Mustang: A Familiar Choice

Beabadoobee’s distinctive sound is powered by a Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Mustang, her go-to electric guitar of choice. Though the artist is no stranger to guitars, having played a range of instruments growing up, she found herself drawn to this particular model due to its compact size and unique style.

As its name suggests, the Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Mustang offers players the look and feel of an iconic vintage instrument without breaking their bank balance. Featuring classic finishes with gloss polyester neck finish, 22 medium jumbo frets on a 9.5” radius fingerboard and two Fender designed Alnico single coil pickups, it provides authentic tones reminiscent of the 1960s era.

The model’s short 24” scale length makes it especially ideal for Beabadoobee’s playstyle – something that she described as being “fast-paced”. Its vintage tremolo bridge allows for subtle pitch manipulation whilst still maintaining tuning stability. With all these features combined in one instrument, it’s easy to see why Beabadoobee has chosen this Mustang as her main axe – familiar yet timelessly stylish.

Fender Telecaster Custom: A Nod to Her Influences

Beabadoobee, born Beatrice Laus, has become one of the rising stars in alternative music. Her sound pays homage to 90s era indie rock and has won her a passionate following around the world. Much of this success is due to her instrumentation, specifically the Fender Telecaster Custom she uses for live shows. This guitar style speaks volumes about her influences, showing that she hasn’t been afraid to embrace classic instruments and sounds from past generations.

The Fender Telecaster Custom is an iconic piece of equipment, known for its sharp bright tones that cut through any mix with ease. While it might not be the most modern option out there, it does have its own unique set of capabilities that make it appealing to some players today. Beabadoobee manages to get a wide range of sounds out of this classic guitar- including distorted riffs as well as softer melodies- making it a versatile choice for anyone looking for something different on stage or in the studio.

Moreover, when talking about Beabadoobee’s influences, there are few pieces more important than this particular model guitar – having been used by countless artists across decades such as Johnny Marr (The Smiths), James Hetfield (Metallica) and The Edge (U2). It’s clear that Beabadoobee is both embracing current trends and paying tribute to those who paved the way before her with a classic but still very relevant Fender Telecaster Custom.

Gibson SG Standard ’61: Stepping Up the Game

When it comes to what guitar beabadoobee uses, the Gibson SG Standard ’61 is a great choice. This classic instrument has been around since 1961 and over the decades it’s been popular with some of music’s biggest names, including AC/DC’s Angus Young and Eric Clapton of Cream. The Gibson SG Standard ’61 features a mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard and two single-coil pickups that are capable of producing great tones for playing live or in the studio.

The unique shape of this electric guitar makes it stand out from other models on the market; its distinct double cutaway design gives musicians easy access to all twenty-two frets. Its dual humbucker pickups offer an incredibly versatile range when coupled with volume and tone controls allowing players to craft their own sound without much effort. With an onboard vibrato tailpiece providing even more control over your sound, stepping up your game is as simple as ever.

Aside from being well suited for rockers like beabadoobee, this particular model also provides amazing clarity which lends itself perfectly for funk, blues or jazz genres too. All in all the Gibson SG Standard ’61 truly stands out amongst the competition; so if you’re looking for an electric guitar with enough bite and versatility to take your music further then look no further than this iconic instrument.






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