What guitar does Mac DeMarco play?

Mac DeMarco typically plays a 1965 Teisco Del Ray on stage. He had mentioned in an interview that he found the guitar at a thrift shop for $75 and he loves it so much that even when other guitars are brought to him for shows, he still prefers the one from 1965. In addition to his trusty Teisco, Mac has also been seen playing Fender Strats as well as hollow-body Gretschs.

Mac DeMarco’s Guitar Brand Preference

Mac DeMarco has built a reputation of being an iconic indie rock star, and it’s not just because of his sound. His signature guitar is also one of the main reasons fans everywhere are drawn to him. He typically plays Fender Jazzmasters and Jaguars, although he has branched out to other brands in recent years.

The Jazzmaster and Jaguar models have been popular among musicians since they were first released in 1958. The offset body design makes them stand out from other guitars on stage, while the tone-rich pickups make them incredibly versatile for many different genres. Mac DeMarco loves this style so much that he even designed two signature Jazzmasters with Fender: The Classic Player ’60s Jazzmaster Special and the Classic Player Baja Telecaster Special. Both models feature vintage hardware and custom tones that stay true to the classic feel of these beloved instruments.

These days, Mac can be seen playing various Gibsons including SGs, Les Pauls and ES335s – some electric as well as acoustic models such as Hummingbirds or J45s – depending on which song he’s playing live or what kind of music he’s recording in the studio at any given moment. However, no matter what brand or model Mac is using onstage or in recordings, his unique sound remains unmistakable due to its vibrant energy that comes through each performance every time.

The Specific Model of Guitar He Plays

Mac DeMarco has become a world-renowned indie rock musician, known for his catchy guitar riffs and warm melodies. As part of his signature sound, he plays a specific type of electric guitar – a Fender Jazzmaster. This classic model was originally introduced in 1958 as the ‘top-of-the-line’ jazz guitar and continues to be one of the most popular guitars ever made.

The combination of single-coil pickups, vibrato bridge system, and unique offset body shape makes it perfect for Mac DeMarco’s style of playing. He is often seen with either an Olympic White or Sunburst colored version from Fender’s Mexican factory that have been fitted with custom pickguard designs and aftermarket parts such as Schaller locking tuners and Gotoh tailpieces. His setup also includes upgraded pickups from Seymour Duncan that provide more power than the original ones included on stock models.

With this special configuration of hardware and electronics, Mac DeMarco manages to achieve his signature tone while still maintaining the traditional Jazzmaster vibe – making it one of the best options if you want to recreate his signature sound.

Modifications and Customizations

Mac DeMarco is widely renowned for his signature style and mesmerizing guitar sound. He’s been playing a variety of guitars over the years, but always returns to one that has been his go-to: the Fender Jaguar. However, he’s also taken it upon himself to customize and modify this model in order to suit his unique preferences and needs.

One of Mac Demarco’s customizations includes replacing the standard pickups with two vintage single-coil ones from an old Japanese Gibson guitar. This gives his music a distinct warmth and character that no other musician can replicate. He removed all the pickup rings from the guitar body and replaced them with screws, allowing him to adjust their positioning according to what sound he desires at any given time – making it truly one of a kind.

He also installed flatwound strings onto the instrument as opposed to roundwounds; which produces much softer tones that are often perfect for creating dreamy, ethereal sounds while still maintaining clarity when strumming chords or picking individual notes. Mac DeMarco has added several switches around the pickguard so he can easily change settings on-the-fly during live performances – further adding dynamism to each setlist.

Influence on his Unique Sound

Mac DeMarco is a beloved artist known for his distinct sound, which he achieves with the help of his guitar. He has become increasingly popular over the years due to his distinctive approach and innovative playing style.

His signature sound was heavily influenced by artists such as John Fahey, J.J Cale, Neil Young, and Cat Stevens. He often incorporates elements of folk, blues and rock into his music to create an eclectic mix that resonates with many listeners. To achieve this unique sonic palette Mac Demarco uses a Fender Telecaster Deluxe 1972 Reissue electric guitar in most recordings and live performances. This model is renowned for its versatility; it’s thick tone combined with bright top end allows him to explore various genres within one song without any issues or restrictions.

Not only does Mac use this model for its sound but also because of its playability and comfort level. Its light body makes it easier for him to perform complex chords during fast-paced songs like ‘On The Level’. His signature vibrato technique can also be attributed to this instrument since it offers just the right amount of sustain needed to execute those dreamy sounding notes. The combination of skillful playing and a suitable guitar have allowed Mac Demarco’s music to flourish in recent times creating an unmistakable atmosphere that no other musician can replicate.

For those seeking to emulate Mac Demarco’s signature guitar playing style, there are a few different instruments that can help them get close. His main guitar of choice is a 1964 Fender Jaguar in Seafoam Green, but his rig also includes some other instruments from the same era, such as a 1960s Gibson Melody Maker and an Epiphone Casino.

Another great option for those looking to recreate Mac DeMarco’s sound would be Gretsch guitars. They produce models similar to what he plays including the Falcon line with adjustable bridges and Bigsby tailpieces for that classic vintage vibe. He has recently switched over to their Professional Series hollowbody model which offers both jangly cleans and dirty distortion sounds without sacrificing any sustain or tone quality.

Another great option would be Rickenbacker guitars. Models like the 330C64 combine traditional looks with modern features such as dual pickups and active electronics to give you plenty of options when it comes to shaping your own unique sound. Their semi-hollow bodies are also ideal for recreating DeMarco’s distinctive mellow tones while still maintaining excellent clarity in the high end frequencies.






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