What guitar does Slash use?

Slash is most associated with the Gibson Les Paul guitar, which he has been playing since 1986. He also occasionally plays a Fender Stratocaster, and sometimes uses a Martin acoustic for recording and live shows. Slash’s famous “Snakepit” Les Paul was modeled after his favorite, which is a 1959 reissue model. His collection includes several different customized Les Pauls, as well as models from other manufacturers such as Gretsch, Ibanez and Epiphone.

Slash’s Guitar Preferences: A Brief Overview

Slash, one of the most iconic rock musicians in history, has a keen eye for guitars. He is known to collect and use many different types and brands. Though he can often be seen with a Les Paul Gibson, this isn’t his only go-to axe. Over the years, he’s been seen playing several Fender Stratocasters as well as other models from Ibanez and ESP. What guitar does Slash really prefer?

The answer to that question may depend on the gig or recording session. When performing live with Guns N’ Roses or in a side project like Velvet Revolver, it seems he sticks mostly to Les Pauls for their thicker tone and power chords–perfect for heavy metal riffs. But when it comes time to record solos or leads, his preference changes to more delicate electric guitars such as Strats and Teles due to their higher articulation capabilities–great for faster licks and vibrato techniques found in rockabilly genres or ballads.

When exploring new sounds or just having fun at home, Slash doesn’t limit himself to any single make; instead, he can be spotted experimenting with numerous styles including hollowbodies like Gretsch Jets and even acoustic instruments like Martin D-35s. His approach gives him options when creating music across multiple genres from hard rock all the way through country-western twang–a testament not just his technique but also versatility as an artist.

Gibson Les Paul: The Iconic Instrument of Choice

Gibson Les Paul is the legendary guitar of choice for Slash, the renowned guitarist for Guns N’ Roses. This iconic instrument has been a favorite among rockers since its introduction in 1952, and Slash has kept this tradition alive with his signature Gibson Les Paul. The classic mahogany body offers tremendous resonance and sustain that defines many classic rock riffs. With a pair of humbucking pickups, it provides deep bass tones and bright highs while maintaining clarity.

Slash’s custom-made Gibson Les Paul features an antique sunburst finish over its maple top, giving it a unique look compared to other models on the market. It also includes a goldtop pickguard with “Dimebag Darrell” emblazoned on it to pay tribute to his late friend, who was killed onstage by a crazed fan in 2004. This one-of-a-kind combination of style and sound truly makes this instrument stand out from all others in Slash’s collection.

In addition to being Slash’s go-to electric guitar for stage performances and studio recordings, he uses various modifications on different Gibson Les Paul guitars such as locking tuners for increased stability during intense solos or active pickups for added versatility with gain settings. No matter what modifications are made, however, one thing remains constant – the unmistakable sound of a Gibson Les Paul that has come to define rock music around the world.

Customizations and Modifications: Making It His Own

Slash is a legendary musician known for his signature sound and style. As part of that unique aesthetic, Slash has crafted the perfect guitar to fit his musical needs. His instrument of choice is the classic Gibson Les Paul. He has taken this iconic model to new heights with an array of customizations and modifications to make it truly his own.

First, he added a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickup in the neck position, which produced a warm sound that complements his bluesy style of playing. This was followed by locking Grover tuning machines for enhanced tuning stability, as well as extra frets on both sides of the neck for higher note access – perfect for Slash’s renowned high-octane solos. He replaced the original bridge system with a TonePros tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece combo, giving him more control over string tension while adding sustain to each note played.

In order to complete its personalization, Slash had bone nut installed to improve intonation accuracy when playing chords or single notes; an upgrade that no doubt contributes heavily toward achieving his trademark tone. Not only did this help fine-tune every aspect of his instrument’s sound but gave him greater confidence in playing live shows knowing all aspects were considered when putting together “his” guitar.

Exploring Other Guitars in Slash’s Arsenal

Slash is a renowned guitarist, best known for his time with the band Guns N’ Roses. Despite having an affinity for Les Paul guitars, Slash has also been seen playing several other instruments over the course of his career. From Fender Stratocasters to Flying V’s and acoustics – his guitar collection is expansive and diverse.

One underrated addition to Slash’s arsenal is the Gibson EDS-1275 double neck guitar. First introduced in 1958, it was designed with two necks: one six-string neck, tuned as a standard guitar; and one twelve string neck which is tuned an octave higher than usual. This setup allows musicians to switch seamlessly between both tunings without making any physical adjustments or switching out instruments altogether – something that Slash took full advantage of during his solo tours in 2014 and 2016.

Gibson Firebirds are another noteworthy item within Slash’s vast selection of guitars. Considered by some to be “the ancestor” of Les Pauls, Firebirds feature a unique reverse body design that drastically differs from traditional electric guitars but still sounds incredible on stage. During live performances, you can hear Slash effortlessly transitioning back and forth between different models as he plays crowd favorites like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Paradise City”.

The Significance of a Signature Model

When it comes to guitars, Slash’s iconic look is instantly recognizable – and his signature model by Gibson definitely makes a statement. This isn’t just any guitar; the sound and playability of a signature model sets it apart from other instruments. It’s not just about looks either; these models are designed with input from their respective artist to provide an instrument that reflects their individual playing style and music.

Slash’s signature Les Paul has been his go-to for years now, and this collaboration between him and Gibson resulted in something special. Not only does it come packed with great features like a AAA flamed maple top and custom Seymour Duncan pickups, but the neck shape was specially designed for him as well. On top of that, its ‘Snakebite’ finish gives the guitar a unique visual aesthetic that perfectly matches Slash’s rock n’ roll persona.

Having your own signature model can be incredibly meaningful to an artist – they get to create something that truly reflects who they are as both players and people. In many ways, having your own line of gear is akin to leaving behind a legacy; even after you’ve gone, your influence will continue through your instruments in the hands of future generations of musicians. For Slash specifically, he gets to have his own guitar line immortalized forever – which is certainly fitting considering how influential he has been on rock music history.






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