What happened to Jimi Hendrix’s guitar on Pawn Stars?

On an episode of the reality television show “Pawn Stars,” Jimi Hendrix’s guitar was brought in for evaluation. The seller had bought the instrument from a pawn shop, believing it to be one that Jimi Hendrix once owned and used on stage. However, expert authentication showed that the guitar was not actually owned or played by Hendrix himself, but rather an imitation made to look like it was his. The expert determined that while still valuable, it wasn’t worth what the seller believed due to its lack of authenticity.

The Background of Jimi Hendrix’s Guitar

The late Jimi Hendrix left an indelible mark on the world of music and his instrument of choice, a Fender Stratocaster, played a vital role in it. Before it made its appearance on Pawn Stars, the iconic guitar had a remarkable history which began back in 1967 when Jimi purchased it at Manny’s Music Store in New York City for $200.

This became one of two main guitars he used throughout his career and can be seen in photos from that era; most notably during his legendary performance at Woodstock. It was this same guitar that featured heavily on the album Electric Ladyland, released shortly after Woodstock. The album is considered one of Hendrix’s best works and launched him into international superstardom.

In 1969, towards the end of Hendrix’s life and career, the Fender Stratocaster went missing after being lent to Michael Jeffrey for use as collateral for money owed by an associate who subsequently sold it to get out of debt. After disappearing for almost 40 years it eventually resurfaced as part of a private collection before making its debut on Pawn Stars as ‘the Lost Hendrix Stratocaster’.

The Appearance on Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars is one of the most popular reality television series ever made. On each episode, viewers are able to watch as family-owned and operated Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada evaluate unique items brought into their store by customers hoping to sell or pawn them. On one particular episode, they were presented with an item that sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment world: a guitar once belonging to legendary musician Jimi Hendrix.

The shop’s owner Rick Harrison and his expert appraiser, Richard “Old Man” Harrison were unable to contain their excitement when they were presented with the instrument. They spent time evaluating it for authenticity before making a decision on what price was fair for it. In the end, the seller accepted their offer and left happy with a check in hand.

The guitar has since become something of a celebrity in its own right after appearing on the show; there have been several replicas created but nothing compares to owning a piece of history like this original. It’s truly remarkable that such an important item had found its way onto Pawn Stars – you never know what kind of treasures await when visiting Gold & Silver Pawn Shop!

The Appraisal Process

On Pawn Stars, Rick Harrison and his team of experts go through a thorough appraisal process when it comes to evaluating rare items like Jimi Hendrix’s guitar. As soon as the item arrives on the shop floor, the appraisers begin to analyze all its components carefully. Every inch is examined in search of any signs that may give away an authenticity issue or some other kind of defect.

Next, they check out historical records such as letters or photos associated with the artist and make sure they match up. This can help determine if an item was indeed owned by Hendrix himself and also get an idea of how old it might be. Specialists in the music field are called upon for their expertise which helps narrow down the item’s estimated worth range.

Additional research is conducted into similar items to try and find comparable sales in order to nail down a precise value for insurance purposes or potential sale agreements. Once this last step is completed, negotiations commence between seller and buyer over what exactly each party will walk away from a potential transaction with. All these steps form part of the professional appraisal process seen on Pawn Stars every time something truly special like Jimi Hendrix’s guitar enters their establishment.

The Negotiation and Sale

When it comes to the negotiation and sale of a guitar that had belonged to the legendary musician Jimi Hendrix, one could expect no less than an intriguing and riveting process. This proved to be true when the iconic axe made its way into Pawn Stars in 2013. In preparation for such a monumental transaction, Corey Harrison obtained invaluable advice from both the current owner, who had purchased it in 1971 at a garage sale for just $200, as well as expert appraisers to ensure that he offered fair market value for it.

At first sight, Corey was visibly stunned and excited by his potential purchase; however, maintaining his composure during negotiations was essential in ensuring he did not offer too much money for it. As expected though, after some back-and-forth bartering with the seller over price and display rights (the seller wanted to keep half of the proceeds but give up full display rights) they were able to reach an agreement. After examination by Rick’s trusty authentication specialists at Julien’s Auctions – who confirmed that all elements of Hendrix’s signature style were present – Corey eventually bought the guitar for $175 000.

This eye-catching instrument has since become part of their array of rare collectibles on show; making it clear why there is such demand amongst avid fans of Hendrix around world looking take home something special.

The Legacy of Jimi Hendrix’s Guitar

Jimi Hendrix is one of the most influential guitarists in history and his iconic guitar had an incredible legacy. When it arrived on Pawn Stars, fans of the show were left in awe. Although its original owner was not identified, some believed it belonged to Hendrix himself and Rick Harrison admitted that he could “absolutely see this as something that Jimi played”.

The appearance of the guitar has captivated many viewers, with them eager to know more about its past. The fact that there was no paperwork or documentation to prove its origin did cause suspicion but those close to the case all agreed it was indeed a genuine item. This then led to speculation as to why it had been brought into a pawn shop in the first place.

Harrison eventually decided not to buy the guitar due mostly to lack of proof, although he recognized its potential value. However, what remains clear is just how special Hendrix’s musical instrument is, with fans around the world dreaming of owning such an item associated with one of rock’s greatest legends.






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