What kind of guitar did Prince play?

Prince was most well-known for playing the classic Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. It featured a black and white design with a rosewood fingerboard and three single-coil pickups, allowing for an incredibly diverse range of tones. His style of playing incorporated elements from jazz, funk, blues, rock and roll, pop, hip hop, soul and even classical music. He often favored custom models such as the Alembic Stratocaster that had special modifications including Gibson PAF humbuckers in place of the traditional Fender single-coils. He sometimes employed other instruments such as a Telecaster or Gibson Les Paul on select tracks.

Prince’s Love for Guitars and Signature Sound

Prince is an icon of many things, and one of them is his use of the guitar. He was known for playing several instruments, but he especially loved the guitar – from strumming a few simple chords to creating legendary riffs. He often used a variety of guitars depending on the song or performance, however there are two types that will always be associated with him: Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Lespaul.

The Fender Stratocaster was Prince’s go-to electric guitar, allowing him to create his signature sound by using its single coil pickups to get that bright twangy sound he was so fond of. Its versatility also allowed him to switch up between genres such as funk, rock and soul without sacrificing any tone quality. It gave him access to plenty of effects pedals which added layers upon layers to his music over time.

On the other hand, Prince played a lot more acoustic songs throughout his career using a Gibson Les Paul – this guitar provided warmth with its humbucker pickup design which created deep tones when soloing or adding subtle nuances in accompaniment parts. Despite being primarily an electric artist, Prince proved himself as quite proficient when picking up an acoustic too; often switching back and forth between both styles within minutes during live performances or studio sessions.

Both these guitars were essential components in helping craft Prince’s unique blend of sounds over the years – going from bluesy licks to funky riffs with ease thanks largely due their customizations and playability qualities respectively. These iconic axes will forever remain linked together in association with one of music’s greatest artists ever seen.

The Iconic Guitar that Defined Prince’s Career: The Cloud

The iconic cloud guitar is an unmistakable symbol of Prince’s incredible career. This one-of-a-kind electric guitar was custom built for the legendary musician, with a unique design and custom blue sparkle finish. Its shape was inspired by the purple clouds found in many of his songs and album covers. It features two single coil pickups and a chrome neck, giving it a distinct sound that has become associated with the legendary artist.

Prince played the cloud guitar on tour from 1983 to 1988, becoming an instantly recognizable part of his live show. He used it on some of his greatest hits like “Purple Rain” and “Little Red Corvette”. His mastery over this instrument captivated audiences everywhere he went, making him one of the most iconic musicians of all time.

Today, original models of this rare piece can sell for up to six figures as collectors seek out memorabilia from the man who changed music history forever. Even replicas or reissues created to honor Prince are highly sought after due to their deep connections to his legacy – they embody both sound and style that will always be associated with the brilliant artist’s career.

Other Key Guitars in Prince’s Collection

Aside from the iconic Purple Rain-era Cloud guitar, Prince was also known for an impressive collection of other axes. One such instrument is a white Gibson L5 CES guitar with a rare Bigsby vibrato tailpiece that he famously used on the live recording of ‘Purple Rain’ at First Avenue in 1983. The L5 CES was made in Gibson’s Nashville Custom Shop and had been customized with two Seymour Duncan humbuckers pickups; one in the neck position and one in the bridge position. It also has gold plated Grover tuners and custom metal pickup rings – perfect for those expressive soloing moments.

Prince often favored Fender Jazzmasters, too – especially his beloved 1969 model which he reportedly picked up secondhand at a pawn shop. This vintage axe had seen some wear as it featured scuffs to its body along with missing frets and a replacement pickguard. Nonetheless, this relic sounded great thanks to its three single-coil pickups (neck, middle and bridge) that could be selected individually or simultaneously for maximum tone variations and creative exploration.

Prince’s 1977 Yellow Cloud Guitar became just as famous as his character from Purple Rain. This custom electric 12-string Axester featured an eye-catching yellow finish that lent itself perfectly to stunning onstage performances – not least when it came to ‘When Doves Cry’ from Purple Rain!

Amplifiers and Effects Used by Prince to Achieve His Distinctive Tone

Prince was renowned for his legendary guitar tone. He used amplifiers and effects pedals to achieve his distinctive sound. His main amplifier of choice was the Fender Twin Reverb, a tube amp with two 12-inch speakers in an open back enclosure. The Twin Reverb provided ample volume and clear sound that complemented Prince’s playing style perfectly.

In addition to the Twin Reverb, Prince often employed other amplifiers such as the Fender Super Reverb and Music Man RD-50. The Super Reverb provided more gain than the Twin, adding warmth and sustain to Prince’s solos while the RD-50 helped create a punchy lead tone with plenty of clarity. Both amps were essential tools in creating Prince’s signature sound.

When it came to effects pedals, Prince relied on some tried and true models such as MXR Dyna Comp compressors, Electro Harmonix Big Muffs for distortion, Ibanez Tube Screamers for overdrive tones and Boss Digital Delays for echo and reverb sounds. He also utilized several custom built effects pedals developed by his long time collaborator Susan Rogers that added chorus or flanger textures to his playing. By combining these different elements together, Prince was able to craft one of the most iconic electric guitar tones ever heard in popular music today.

Impact of Prince’s Guitar Style on Music History

Prince’s guitar playing style impacted music history in multiple ways, with his unique and creative use of sound and technique. He was known to combine the funkiness of James Brown with the complexity of Jimi Hendrix while also drawing on influences from classical music. This combination created a signature sound that has been emulated by many musicians since Prince’s heyday.

The Prince style, characterized by its flamboyant solos, unorthodox picking techniques and distortion effects, has become an iconic part of popular music culture. His influence can be heard in virtually every genre from rock to pop to rap/hip hop today. In particular, he inspired a whole generation of virtuoso guitarists who sought to recreate his intricate riffs and perform them with technical mastery. As such, his original compositions are frequently covered or sampled by modern artists looking for inspiration or just wanting to pay homage to one of the greatest electric guitar players ever born.

It is impossible overstate how important Prince’s playing style has been in shaping contemporary music as we know it today; indeed without him our current musical landscape would look vastly different than it does now.






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