What kind of guitar does Chris Stapleton play?

Chris Stapleton plays a Fender Telecaster guitar. The classic model is crafted from an ash body with maple neck and fingerboard and features two single-coil pickups. It’s known for its clarity, twangy sound, and bright tones. He also uses it to blend in some slide guitar when playing live or recording in the studio. The versatility of this instrument has allowed him to create an authentic country sound that has been compared to artists like Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash.

Chris Stapleton: An Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist

Chris Stapleton is one of the most renowned singer-songwriters in modern music. His powerful baritone has earned him many accolades, including multiple Grammys and Academy of Country Music Awards. Not only that, but he is also an accomplished guitarist. With a signature bluesy twang and intricate licks, Chris Stapleton has become known as one of the premier guitarists in country music today.

At live performances and on recordings alike, Chris can be seen playing a classic Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar. The vintage instrument was made between 1940 to 1942, before Gibson ever became well-known for its acoustics. This model’s sound hole has no rosette – making it unique among other guitars of the era – but produces bright tones perfect for accompanying country songs.

To further sweeten his tone, Chris adds several different effects pedals to his signal chain during shows and recordings. Most notably, he uses a variety of Echoplex tape delays to create full sounds when performing solo or with his band. These are used throughout his setlist and help flesh out some otherwise stripped-down numbers like “Tennessee Whiskey” or “Outlaw State Of Mind” into something much bigger than just an acoustic guitar arrangement.

The Martin D-28: A Favorite Guitar of Chris Stapleton

When it comes to iconic country music stars, Chris Stapleton is one of the most popular. His soulful voice and passionate lyrics make his music stand out from the crowd. What many people don’t know is that he has a preferred guitar: the Martin D-28.

The Martin D-28 is an acoustic guitar originally created in 1931. It was made by C.F Martin & Co. A company based in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, and it has since become an American classic among folk and bluegrass players alike. This guitar features a Sitka Spruce top with East Indian Rosewood back and sides for enhanced resonance and clarity when strumming or picking at high speeds. The neck is constructed from Mahogany for improved sustain, making it perfect for soloists who want to create a mellow atmosphere with their tunes.

In addition to its unique sound quality, the Martine D-28 also stands out visually with its dark-brown finish and ornate pickguard design on the upper bout which adds a vintage touch to any song being played on it. These characteristics have helped make this particular guitar as popular as ever even today due to its timelessness – something Chris Stapleton has come to appreciate firsthand during his performances over the years.

What Makes the Martin D-28 a Great Choice for Chris Stapleton?

Chris Stapleton is an American singer-songwriter and musician who has been playing the guitar for many years. His distinct style of playing relies on a special instrument, one that can produce clear notes with both low and high frequencies. For this reason, he chooses to use a Martin D-28 acoustic guitar when performing live shows or recording in the studio.

The Martin D-28 is designed to provide balanced tone across all strings and frets, as well as deep bass notes and clear treble tones. The body of the instrument is made from carefully selected rosewood with a sitka spruce top for maximum resonance. This combination ensures bright yet full sound quality, allowing Chris to bring out his unique style of bluesy country music.

To further improve sound quality, this type of guitar also features forward shifted scalloped bracing which contributes to better sustain and richer overtones. To cap it off, Mother of Pearl inlay work adorns the neck along with highly detailed fingerboard binding for added aesthetic appeal. With its combination of stunning looks and amazing sounds, it’s easy to see why the Martin D-28 is an ideal choice for Chris Stapleton’s signature sound.

Other Guitars Owned and Played by Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton is known for playing a distinctive Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar on stage. However, he also has many other guitars in his collection and he can often be seen playing them during live shows. One of these guitars is a custom made Telecaster that was designed by the renowned guitar builder Fender. It has an ash body with an ebony fretboard, making it perfect for his unique style of bluesy rock music.

Stapleton also owns a vintage Gretsch Country Gentleman electric guitar from the 1960s that produces a classic twangy tone. This guitar is particularly suited to his style as it evokes memories of country greats such as George Jones and Hank Williams Sr. He also uses this instrument to play some slower, more reflective songs like “Tennessee Whiskey” or “Fire Away” which give him an extra depth of emotion in his performance.

Stapleton rounds out his collection with an Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro electric guitar which provides him with plenty of power and sustain when needed. The humbucking pickups in this guitar provide crisp clarity while still producing enough warmth to give every note its own special character. With all these different instruments at hand, Chris Stapleton truly has the tools to bring any song he performs to life.

Final Thoughts: Why the Martin D-28 Continues to Be the Go-To Guitar for Chris Stapleton

As a multi-Grammy award winner and one of the most influential figures in modern country music, Chris Stapleton is known for his signature sound. This can be attributed to his long standing relationship with Martin Guitars, who have been providing him with their iconic D-28 model since he started playing professionally.

The Martin D-28 has been the go-to guitar for many of the biggest names in music throughout history, from Hank Williams Jr. To John Lennon and Bob Dylan. This versatility allows Chris Stapleton to take advantage of its unique features when creating new songs or performing live shows. The dreadnought body shape provides an ample amount of projection, while the Adirondack spruce top offers a bright yet warm tone that complements his style perfectly. Its mahogany back and sides offer plenty of sustain and resonance, making it ideal for fingerstyle playing as well as strumming chords.

Its classic look is timeless and will never fade away no matter how much trends come and go in popular music culture. It’s clear why Chris Stapleton continues to use this instrument on tour year after year – there’s simply no better choice than a Martin D-28 when it comes down to delivering that unmistakable Nashville twang.






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