What kind of guitar does John Mayer play?

John Mayer is primarily associated with playing a Fender Stratocaster. He has been seen regularly playing several models of the Stratocaster including the American Standard and Custom Shop versions, as well as signature guitars such as his John Mayer Signature model. He also plays Gibson Les Pauls in some live performances and on studio recordings.

John Mayer’s Early Guitar Preferences

When he first started his music career, John Mayer had a penchant for electric guitars. His go-to instrument of choice was a Fender Stratocaster and he used this guitar to help craft the rock sound of his early releases such as Room for Squares and Heavier Things. Although the Fender Stratocaster remained the core of his sound, Mayer also began using Gibson guitars in recent years. This shift can be heard in some of his more bluesy recordings like Continuum and Battle Studies.

Beyond merely playing these two iconic brands, John Mayer is also known for creating custom models with both companies that boast unique features tailored to his personal preferences. For example, several of his Strats feature an antique black finish while some of his Gibsons have modified pickups designed specifically to capture those classic ‘Mayer tones’. The eclectic artist even has a signature model called the Silver Sky which is produced by PRS Guitars in collaboration with him directly.

John Mayer’s discography displays an impressive variety when it comes to different guitar types but over time it appears that he has become more focused on blending elements from various instruments into one cohesive style rather than simply sticking with one particular brand or model at any given time. Thus we are likely to see future performances showcasing many different sounds from a wide range of manufacturers and configurations which will undoubtedly excite fans everywhere.

The Stratocaster: A Staple in John Mayer’s Music

John Mayer is an iconic musician, known for his bluesy sound and ability to deliver soulful tunes. One of the primary instruments used by John Mayer in creating this sound is the Fender Stratocaster. This particular guitar was first released in 1954 and has become a mainstay in popular music culture ever since.

The distinctive shape of the Stratocaster, along with its twangy tone, makes it a popular choice amongst many musicians, including John Mayer. It offers him versatility when he plays; as well as clarity in notes due to its three single-coil pickups. It also provides great sustain when playing lead guitar solos – something which features heavily throughout much of John’s music.

The vintage models of the stratocaster played by john have been modified to suit his style; neck pickup is reversed and both pickups are overwound with higher outputs than what came from factory originally. This gives them more brightness and sparkle on top end whilst keeping lower frequencies strong enough for big chords or picking passages without getting muddy or lost in the mix – which explains why some fans might think that even without any distortion pedals added on stage John’s tone still sounds so huge.

Custom Models Designed for Mayer

John Mayer has been playing a variety of different guitars over the years, and some of them were designed specifically for him. These custom models were created by manufacturers to suit Mayer’s individual tastes and needs as a performer. One example is the Signature J-Custom from Ibanez, which was crafted in 2006 with his input. It features an ash body with maple neck and ebony fingerboard, giving it a bright and punchy sound that suits Mayer’s style well.

The PRS John Mayer Silver Sky guitar is another custom design made specifically for him. This model uses an Alder body with a maple top, plus mahogany neck with ebony fretboard and 635JM pickups – perfect for producing both vintage-style sounds or modern tones easily accessible at any time thanks to their unique controls setup.

In 2017 Fender introduced the limited edition Vintera Road Worn ’60s Stratocaster Relic that was co-designed by John himself. Based on Fender’s popular Road Worn series of guitars but with special touches added such as locking tuners, a two point tremolo bridge and specially wound pickups – this instrument looks stunning while also providing plenty of powerful tone options when plugged into an amp.

Other Guitars Used in John Mayer’s Repertoire

John Mayer is known for his diverse musical style, which often blends blues, rock and pop. However, the Grammy-winning artist’s go-to instrument of choice is typically a Stratocaster. Though he’s primarily associated with Fender guitars, John Mayer has also been known to play several other models from different makers over the years.

The signature guitar that many fans may be familiar with seeing him use in live performances is an ESP EC 1000 electric guitar. As a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer purchased this model when visiting Tokyo in 2004. This classic guitar provides a warm tone due to its humbucking pickups and maple neck – making it ideal for blues rock sounds such as those found on ‘Slow Dancing In A Burning Room’ or ‘Vultures’.

Mayer has also experimented with Gibson Les Pauls from time to time during his live shows – either playing them or simply using them as props. These instruments give off a big sound and have become favored by many influential rockers throughout the years such as Jimmy Page and Slash. His preference for one particular version appears to be the Melody Maker SG which was released by Gibson in 1961 specifically targeting budget-conscious buyers who were starting out on their musical journey.

How John Mayer’s Playing Style Influences His Choice of Instrument

John Mayer has made his mark on the music industry as one of the best blues-rock guitarists to ever grace the stage. His unique sound and fluid playing style have made him a fan favorite, with an array of guitars to match. While he’s known for playing Fender Stratocasters, John Mayer also loves Gibson Les Pauls.

In fact, it was a Gibson Les Paul that first sparked Mayer’s interest in guitar playing at a young age. After seeing pictures of great blues players like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page holding their signature Gibson guitars, John fell in love with them and determinedly set out to master the instrument himself. He began to experiment with different tones and effects from his guitars when performing live, which eventually shaped his signature sound and style.

Since then, Mayer has developed an impressive collection of both Fender Stratocasters and Gibson Les Pauls – each having its own distinct voice depending on how he strings them up or sets up his amp rig. With such a wide range of sounds available to him between these two models, it’s no wonder why they make up the bulk of Mayer’s go-to instruments when playing live shows or recording in the studio.






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