What kind of guitar does Mac DeMarco use?

Mac DeMarco uses a 1972 Fender Telecaster Thinline for recording and playing live. This is the same guitar that he has been using since his early days, and it can be seen in most of his music videos. It features a maple fretboard, two single-coil pickups, and three control knobs – volume, tone and blend. He also often employs an assortment of effects pedals to achieve his signature sound.

Mac DeMarco’s Guitar Preferences: An Overview

Mac DeMarco is known for his unique sound and style, which he achieves primarily through the use of a few select instruments. He mainly plays a vintage Fender Mustang electric guitar along with various other guitars from the same era. His primary choice for live shows is an early-model ’65 Fender Jazzmaster, which gives him a bright tone perfect for producing his signature lo-fi rock music.

DeMarco’s main guitar setup also includes two very different acoustic models: a 1940s Gibson LG-2 and a Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar. The LG-2 has become synonymous with Mac’s sound due to its mellow jangle that cuts through the mix while retaining its warmth even when amplified. Meanwhile, the SLG100N allows him to practice quietly while on tour – something that was impossible until this model was released in 2005. Its built-in pickup ensures that it can still be heard over any backing track without losing its subtlety or character.

DeMarco rounds out his collection with an Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 semi-hollowbody electric guitar as well as several effect pedals including a tremolo, chorus, fuzz and delay unit. This combination of classic vintage sounds and modern effects helps him capture his distinctive sound on record as well as onstage during live performances – making it clear why Mac Demarco’s fans always come away impressed by what they hear.

The Main Guitar Models Used by Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is an indie rock artist who has established himself as a household name, in part due to his unique guitar sound. It’s no surprise that the beloved musician has invested in only the finest of instruments for his live performances. While Mac Demarco does switch between various models of guitars, there are two primary ones that he sticks with most frequently.

The first one is a Fender Jazzmaster; these classic models are known for their thin neck and fast playability. They have an instantly recognizable design thanks to their rhythm circuit system which produces warm yet bright tones ideal for electric blues and jazz music – both genres Demarco loves to incorporate into his work. These guitars have particularly easy action on frets which makes them perfect for experimental soloing styles like Mac’s own finger-picking technique.

The other popular guitar model used by Demarco is a Gibson ES-335 – it has a semi-hollow body design and therefore produces warmer sounds than traditional solid body electric guitars. This choice allows him to blend together contrasting sounds easily during improvisational pieces or layered studio recordings as this instrument provides him with plenty of tonal options from mellow clean notes all the way up to screaming distorted leads. Thanks to its unique look, it’s become something of a fan favorite at Mac DeMarco concerts around the world.

Strings and Tuning: How Mac Gets His Signature Sound

When it comes to guitar playing, Mac Demarco is a master of the instrument. His unique sound and style has become iconic in the world of rock music. A large part of this signature tone is derived from the strings he uses and how they are tuned.

Mac opts for light gauge strings on his guitars, as opposed to heavier gauges used by some guitarists. This helps create a softer, more mellow sound that fits nicely with his laid-back vocal style. He also tunes down half a step from standard tuning, so rather than being tuned EADGBE like most guitars are, his strings are tuned EbDGBe instead. This change creates a slightly detuned effect which gives Mac’s music its distinct dreamy quality and accentuates lower frequency notes.

To top off his setup, Mac swears by acoustic steel guitar strings – particularly Ernie Ball Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Extra Light Acoustic Strings 10-48 Gauge sets – to get just the right balance between brightness and warmth in his tones. It’s these seemingly small touches that make such an impact on the overall sound of Mac Demarco’s songs.

Other Gear and Accessories Mac Uses While Playing

When it comes to Mac DeMarco’s live performances, he doesn’t just rely on his iconic guitar. In addition to the instrument that has become synonymous with him, he also makes use of an array of gear and accessories in order to create a fuller sound. His set up typically consists of a Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar, an Epiphone Casino ES-230TD hollow body acoustic guitar, and an Orange AD30TC amplifier. Alongside these staples, Mac utilizes pedals such as the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal for added atmosphere. He also uses several Boss compact effect pedals, including the OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion pedal and DD-7 Digital Delay pedal for more nuanced sounds.

To ensure quality control while performing onstage, Mac employs Shure Beta 58A microphones. This way his vocals are always crisp and clear when performing live shows around the world. As far as amplifiers go, he sticks mostly to Fender Deluxe Reverb amps along with a Vox AC30C2X amp in order to give some extra depth during shows – especially when playing alongside other band members or using additional instruments like keyboards or horns. For pick ups on both guitars he favors Gibson P94s; they provide great sustain without being too bright or harsh sounding in any particular register.

From simple tweaks to complex multi-effects rigs Mac is constantly experimenting with different pieces of equipment so that each show is unique from another – something that his fans appreciate more than anything else.

How Mac’s Choice of Guitar Affects His Music Style

When one looks at Mac DeMarco’s musical career, it is easy to see how his unique guitar choice has allowed him to craft a distinct style of music. By consistently using the unconventional Fender Jazzmaster model electric guitar, Mac has found himself able to develop an even more unusual sound than the typical Indie-rock artist. From its iconic offset body shape, pickguard and sunburst finish, this instrument carries a distinctive look that suits Mac’s signature image perfectly.

This classic-style jazz box with two single coil pickups produces a warmer tone which allows for smoother transitions between each note or chord when playing. Combined with a tone-shaping tremolo bridge system and other subtle effects from his array of pedals, it gives Mac the versatility he needs to make his seemingly effortless riffs come alive. Whether taking on bright surf rock sounds or mellow tones reminiscent of blues and jazz styles, his Fender Jazzmaster can produce them all in just one instrument.

The way that Mac DeMarco plays makes full use of this specific guitar’s capabilities – often gliding up and down the fretboard as if every movement was made specifically for each riff or phrase he plays – effortlessly incorporating vibrato techniques within seconds before transitioning into another riff again without missing a beat. This impressive combination between musician and instrument takes us on a journey through all genres while still maintaining its core style – never losing track of its origin or individuality no matter what song he plays live on stage.






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