What type of acoustic guitar does John Mayer play?

John Mayer is known to play a variety of acoustic guitars. His main instruments are his signature PRS Silver Sky and Fender Custom Shop John Mayer Signature Stratocaster, but he also has been seen playing the Taylor 214CE-CF DLX and the Martin 000-15M. He often experiments with other models such as Gibson Hummingbird and Yamaha LL6.

The Different Types of Acoustic Guitars

When it comes to the world of acoustic guitars, there are many different types from which to choose. Steel-string acoustics are a popular option for rock and pop artists due to their bright sound. Nylon-string acoustics offer a warmer tone suitable for jazz and classical players, while resonator guitars feature unique cone designs that create an almost electronic reverberation effect. For those looking for a versatile all-rounder, the semi-acoustic guitar is a great choice, featuring both magnetic and acoustic pickups as well as allowing the player to switch between amplified and unamplified tones.

John Mayer plays mostly steel string acoustics in his live performances and recordings. He often chooses models with cutaways that provide improved access to the higher frets on the neck – essential when playing lead parts – as well as an undersaddle pickup system so he can plug into amplifiers or PA systems with ease. His main touring guitar is usually a Martin OMJM John Mayer Signature Edition model with custom finishings including chrome tuners, bronze bridge pins and Herringbone rosette detailing. This particular model also features scalloped bracing designed by Mayer himself which gives an enhanced low end response compared with regular steel string models.

For smaller shows or sessions he’s also known to use one of his vintage Guild D4CE Custom Shop models, boasting classic appointments such as split diamond inlays on its rosewood fingerboard and gold hardware throughout including Grover StaTite machine heads for precision tuning stability during live sets. As well as offering two distinct acoustic tones via its split humbucking pickup system, this instrument has enough sonic versatility that John mayer can experiment without sacrificing any of his trademark sound quality – whatever type of music he chooses to play.

John Mayer’s Preferred Acoustic Guitar Brands

John Mayer is renowned for his skills on the acoustic guitar. He has a strong preference for particular brands of guitars, as evidenced by his use of Fender, Martin and Taylor acoustic guitars throughout his career. The Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster is one of John’s preferred models, which he has used to perform at various concerts and recording sessions since 2009.

The Martin D-45 Dreadnought Guitar is another favorite among Mayer fans. This style was introduced in 1931 and has been associated with many of music’s greatest players. It features a deep body design with solid rosewood sides that create a loud and vibrant tone when played correctly. John also uses the classic steel string guitar model – Taylor 814ce Grand Auditorium – both live onstage and in the studio. Its tonal balance makes it ideal for both flatpicking styles or fingerstyle playing like John’s unique melodic patterns.

John Mayer continues to show us why he’s one of today’s leading musicians – whether performing solo or collaborating with other artists – all while showcasing his go-to range of acoustic guitar models that deliver unparalleled sound quality time after time.

The Specs of John Mayer’s Favorite Acoustic Guitars

John Mayer’s favorite acoustic guitars are known to be a special breed. He often opts for vintage models, including Martin and Guild, both of which he has been seen playing on-stage in his concerts. Although these models may vary, they typically feature six strings with a rounder shape than their modern counterparts. The neck is usually short with a more shallow body depth, resulting in easier playability and faster access to the higher frets.

The guitar pickups that John prefers are also unique. He chooses to use humbucking pickups as opposed to single coils; this gives him the option of creating smooth or thicker tones without too much noise interference. His rig is equipped with an internal preamp that helps dial in the desired sound. As for amplification, John goes for small but powerful tube amplifiers such as Fender Vibroluxes or Fender Deluxe Reverbs that capture every nuance of his playing style.

When it comes to strings, Mayer sticks to custom sets from Elixir Strings or D’Addario EXL170’s for maximum durability and tonal range. On top of all this, the guitarist often chooses customized hardware such as locking tuners and bridge saddles for improved tuning stability and sustain – perfect additions when hitting those soaring notes.

Why John Mayer Chooses Certain Acoustic Guitars for Specific Songs

John Mayer’s use of acoustic guitars is a well-known element of his music. He often pairs certain instruments with specific songs, leading fans to wonder why he chooses the guitars he does. Understanding his choices can help budding guitarists hone their own skills and improve their sound.

It appears that Mayer tailors his acoustic guitar selection based on the song genre, as well as its tonal characteristics and scale length. For instance, Mayer uses a Martin OMJM John Mayer Signature Edition for blues tunes like “Why Georgia” because it has an open tuning along with rich midrange tones that work great for blues styles. The instrument also features a 25.4″ scale length–a longer one than usual–which makes it easier to hit single notes without breaking into full chords during solos or picking patterns.

In contrast, when playing folk rock tunes such as “Waiting On The World To Change” or “Daughters”, Mayer opts for a Taylor 814ce V-Class with bracing technology that brings out sharp treble sounds combined with deep bass ones; this works perfectly in creating the lively atmosphere that characterizes these genres of music. At a 25.5″ scale length and equipped with Taylor ES2 electronics system, this model gives him all the dynamic range needed to make those complex licks come alive during live performances or recording sessions alike.

Tips for Choosing an Acoustic Guitar Similar to John Mayer’s Preferred Style

If you’re a fan of John Mayer and want to emulate his sound, then choosing the right acoustic guitar is key. Before you buy one, it is important to understand the basics of what type of guitar he plays as well as its features.

The brand that Mayer prefers is Taylor Acoustic Guitars. He uses two Taylor models, namely: the 814ce and 714ce guitars. Both instruments feature Sitka spruce top with rosewood back and sides. The guitars are equipped with a pick-up system which helps amplify the sound when plugged into an amp or PA system – a must for any gigging musician. As far as sizes go, both guitars have Grand Auditorium body shapes which offer enough depth and volume for fingerstyle playing yet remain comfortable to hold on stage or in studio sessions.

Moreover, Mayer favors Elixir strings on his acoustic rigs due to their tone quality and long-lasting life span compared to conventional strings. Elixir’s proprietary coating provides superior protection from oxidation making them great for frequent use under bright lights or humid climates. When paired with your Taylor acoustic guitar, these strings will help bring out all of the nuances within each note helping enhance your overall soundscape no matter where you play.






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