What type of guitar does Jake Kiszka play?

Jake Kiszka plays a Gibson Les Paul electric guitar. He has been known to use several models and custom builds, most notably the Gibson Custom Shop ’63 SG Special and his signature model, the 1959 Gibson Les Paul VOS. His playing style utilizes high-gain distortion sounds on lead parts and melodic tones for rhythm sections.

Jake Kiszka’s Early Musical Background and Influences

Jake Kiszka is the lead guitarist for the band Greta Van Fleet. His skills on the electric guitar have earned him immense praise, but what type of guitar does he play? In order to answer that question, it is essential to understand Jake’s early musical background and influences.

Born in 1998 in Michigan, Jake was exposed to music from a young age. He grew up listening to classic rock like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple while his parents played Bluegrass at family functions. It wasn’t until he began playing guitar around age 10 that Jake truly discovered his passion for music. After teaching himself several chords, Jake found himself engrossed with blues-rock legends such as Gary Moore, John Lee Hooker and Albert King – all of whom heavily influenced his own style of playing.

When it came time for him to choose an instrument for Greta Van Fleet’s recordings however, Jake opted for a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop (1952 Reissue). This particular model features single coil pickups which are known for their thick midrange sound perfect for blues-rock solos – something that fits perfectly into Greta Van Fleet’s signature ‘retro rock’ sound. With this classic axe in hand, there’s no doubt that Jake Kiszka has created some unforgettable licks throughout his career thus far.

The Main Guitar Brands Used by Jake Kiszka

Jake Kiszka’s electric guitar arsenal is comprised of many different types of instruments, each with its own distinct sound. From the iconic Fender Stratocaster to the Ibanez RG series, Jake has certainly been spoiled for choice when it comes to quality gear. One thing that is certain though – he mainly relies on two renowned brands; Gibson and PRS.

Gibson guitars have long been associated with the classic rock genre, especially since their golden age during the 1960s and 1970s. This makes them a great choice for someone like Jake who plays melodic riffs and solos in his style of music. His Les Paul Standard model features beautiful mahogany body wood and a combination of traditional PAF humbucking pickups which provide him with clarity as well as warmth for smooth transitions between chords or single notes.

On the other hand, PRS guitars are known for providing players with an immense range of tonal possibilities due to their versatile pickup configurations and active circuitry options. For example, Jake uses a PRS Custom 24 which boasts both HFS & Vintage Bass humbuckers that can be further enhanced by coil-tapping capabilities allowing him to experiment more freely without sacrificing too much power output. He also owns several signature models from this brand such as his Custom 22 Artist Package which offers more articulation in higher-gain settings compared to regular production models thanks to high-end woods used throughout its construction process.

Specific Models of Guitars Preferred by Jake Kiszka

Jake Kiszka, the guitarist and vocalist of the popular American rock band Greta Van Fleet, has a distinct style that is steeped in classic blues riffs. He frequently uses Gibson Les Pauls for his electric guitar sound, but he also plays other types of guitars on stage. For example, one of his favorite acoustic models is a Martin D-28 Dreadnought. This model dates back to 1929 when it was first released by C.F. Martin & Co. And its rich history makes it an excellent choice for those wanting to capture Jake’s unique tone while playing live.

For recording sessions, Jake tends to switch up his gear quite often depending on the song or album being recorded. However, some models remain staples in his arsenal such as Gretsch White Falcon and Firebird X electric guitars as well as Epiphone Sheraton II semi-hollow body models. These are all powerful instruments with versatile tones that can be tailored to fit any situation from studio production work to rocking out onstage with Greta Van Fleet.

Jake will sometimes use custom-made Telecaster styles from Collings Guitars during tour dates or when producing new material for albums like ‘The Battle At Garden’s Gate’. These feature simple yet effective designs made from select woods such as mahogany and rosewood that add a warm resonance when played through vintage amplifiers – giving them an unmistakable edge compared to more conventional off-the-shelf guitars available today.

Jake Kiszka’s Customizations to his Guitars for Stage Performances

With his fast-paced riffs and advanced technique, Jake Kiszka of the American rock band Greta Van Fleet needs to have a guitar that can keep up with his playing style. To get the most out of each performance, he uses custom modifications to the electric guitars he plays on stage.

Jake’s main go-to model is an iconic Fender Stratocaster. However, what many fans don’t know is that he has added some tweaks to it to give him an even more unique sound. This includes changing out pickups and replacing stock tuning pegs with graphite locking tuners for improved intonation and stability. Jake also swaps in heavier strings for greater resistance when performing lead guitar parts at live shows.

As well as modifications to his guitars’ components, Jake also has them customized aesthetically by adding distinctive artwork designs on their bodies and necks for added visual appeal during performances. These designs often represent various lyrics from songs off Greta Van Fleet’s albums or incorporate tribal motifs in reference to their classic rock roots. The combination of these changes gives Jake the perfect setup for playing all types of solos on stage night after night without issue.

How the Sound of Jake Kiszka’s Guitar Playing Has Contributed to the Success of Greta Van Fleet

Since their 2017 formation, Greta Van Fleet has taken the music world by storm. Their recent success can be largely attributed to the talent of lead guitarist Jake Kiszka. His guitar playing has been integral in creating their signature blend of rock, blues and folk-inspired sounds.

The foundation of Jake’s guitar playing lies in a combination of influences from classic rock icons such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan; his use of various effects pedals further enhance his sound. From chorusing to distortion to overdrive and delay – Jake is able to seamlessly transition between tones with ease and finesse. All these elements make up what is widely considered as one of the most unique styles in modern day Rock N’ Roll.

By combining driving riffs with ambient effects like reverb, phaser or tremolo – he creates an expansive sonic landscape that captivates listeners while simultaneously maintaining an energetic intensity throughout each performance. Not only does this distinguish him from other guitarists, but it has also helped bring a new wave of fans into Greta Van Fleet’s fan base – transcending traditional genres like blues or metal without ever compromising on quality or emotion.






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