Who plays guitar for Rihanna?

Nunez Ribero, otherwise known as Nuno Bettencourt, is the lead guitarist for Rihanna. He has worked with her since 2005 and played guitar on songs like “Umbrella” and “Disturbia.” He has also made frequent appearances in live performances of Rihanna’s music. In addition to being a musician, he is an accomplished songwriter and record producer.

The Early Years of Rihanna’s Career and Her First Guitarists

When Rihanna first began her career, she had a few guitarists backing her up. Her early music was acoustic and heavily focused on the guitar. Notable names included Mikky Ekko and The-Dream. Both of these artists have since gone on to become major contributors in the music industry.

Ekko worked with Rihanna for two years and produced some of her earliest songs including “Stay,” “Loveeeeeee Song,” and “Diamonds.” He played many instruments but primarily performed as a guitarist for the singer. His unique style can be heard on tracks from Unapologetic (2012) like “Numb” or “What Now” where he contributes both his vocals and guitars to the mix.

The-Dream’s contribution has been much more significant in terms of production but he also has served as one of Rihanna’s main guitarists during her live performances since 2009. He is responsible for writing some of the artist’s biggest hits such as “Umbrella,” “Unfaithful,” and “Hate That I Love You.” His sound complements Rihanna’s voice perfectly which makes him an essential part of the singer’s repertoire when it comes to putting together live sets or studio recordings.

Nuno Bettencourt – The Man Behind Rihanna’s Hit Song “Man Down”

Nuno Bettencourt is the man behind Rihanna’s hit song “Man Down,” which was released on her fifth studio album. He has been playing guitar for the pop star since 2010 and has helped create a number of chart-topping singles including “Diamonds,” “Stay,” and “Rude Boy.”.

The Portugal-born musician started off his career in music at a very young age; he played drums before transitioning to the guitar. In 1987 he co-founded the band Extreme with Paul Geary and they gained success after releasing their debut album in 1989. Afterward, Nuno went on to write various songs and record albums with different artists such as Cher, Bryan Adams, Shakira and Rihanna.

As one of the most sought out session guitarist of today’s generation Nuno is known for his unique style that blends melodic solos with intricate riffs. This can be seen in several of Rihanna’s songs where he layers an array of clean tones and distorted sounds to craft her signature sound. Moreover, he plays multiple instruments like bass guitar, piano and even sitar when needed which allows him to produce unique compositions that never fail to captivate listeners around the world.

The Collaboration with Calvin Harris and Lead Guitarist Monte Neuble

Rihanna’s collaborations with producer and songwriter Calvin Harris have been hugely successful over the past few years. The two creatives have worked together on a number of hit singles, such as ‘We Found Love’, ‘This Is What You Came For’, and most recently ‘Wild Thoughts’. However, what is lesser known about their work is that Monte Neuble was the lead guitarist for all these tracks.

Monte has had an illustrious career in the music industry, touring and playing guitar for some of the world’s biggest stars. His skillful style blends funk elements into hard-hitting solos which can be heard throughout Rihanna’s discography – including on her last album Anti. Monte’s electric guitar riffs take center stage during live performances with Rihanna and Calvin Harris; they make every show unique while staying true to the original recordings.

The three musical geniuses continue to collaborate closely when producing new material, as evidenced by their multi-platinum single ‘Wild Thoughts’ released in 2017. A testament to Monte’s versatility is that he is equally comfortable soloing over reggae beats or providing light fingerpicking under soulful R&B melodies – allowing him to craft any soundscape desired by his collaborators without losing any of his distinct flavour.

Rihanna’s Acoustic Performances: The Role of Musician Tim Stewart

Tim Stewart has been the go-to musician for Rihanna’s acoustic performances since 2012. He played a crucial role in her popular Unplugged and Anti World Tour, as well as helping to create the beautiful soundscape that is “Stay.” His talent was first noticed when he toured with Rihanna back in 2011, playing guitar on many of her songs. Since then, his masterful expertise in both electric and acoustic styles have become integral components of Rihanna’s live shows.

Stewart began playing professionally at a young age, performing with local groups before moving to Nashville in 2010. It was there where he was able to develop his unique style by blending classical techniques with modern sounds. This combination of musical backgrounds led him to quickly stand out from the rest of Nashville’s musical scene. His passion for music eventually caught the attention of Rihanna’s management who immediately requested him for an audition – which would lead to Stewart’s appointment as one of her permanent band members.

Not only does Tim provide instrumental support during concerts; but he often works closely with Rihanna behind the scenes to perfect their onstage chemistry. At each show they share an unspoken understanding and connection that brings their performances alive through incredible instrumentals and vocals combined together into something magical every time they play a song together. Fans can expect a truly captivating experience whenever Tim takes up residence beside Rihanna on stage.

Present-Day: Who Currently Plays Guitar for Rihanna on Tour?

In the present day, Rihanna has been touring extensively and making appearances at festivals with her live band in tow. While there are a handful of musicians that join her on tour from time to time, there is one guitar player who always seems to take the stage by storm: Nuno Bettencourt.

Nuno Bettencourt, born in 1966 in Praia da Vitória, Portugal, is best known as the lead guitarist for Extreme – a rock band whose hits included ‘More Than Words’ and ‘Hole Hearted’. However, Nuno’s musical talents extend far beyond his work with the aforementioned group; he has collaborated with many legendary artists such as Paul Stanley of KISS fame and even Gwen Stefani. He first began playing with Rihanna when she opened for Maroon 5 back in 2009. Since then they have worked together countless times both in studio sessions and live shows.

As an experienced musician within both mainstream pop music as well as classic rock/metal genres, Nuno Bettencourt brings a unique flavour to Rihanna’s setlist; his high-energy solos often become crowd favourites during her concerts. Whether it be performing along to tracks like ‘Umbrella’ or improvising complex riffs during extended medleys of hit songs spanning her entire career thus far – Nuno’s exceptional skill on the instrument makes him an integral part of any performance given by Rihanna’s band today.






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