What guitars do Slipknot use?

Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson and Jim Root are both mainly known for playing Fender guitars. Thomson is generally seen playing his signature Stratocaster model, while Root usually plays a Telecaster Deluxe. During their concerts they alternate between custom-made guitars as well as classic Fenders with modifications made to the electronics. They also often use Gibson Les Pauls, Jackson Guitars and even a few other models from various other brands.

Slipknot’s Guitar Line-Up: An Overview

Slipknot have become renowned as one of the biggest metal bands in the world and their sound is hugely influenced by their line-up of guitars. It has been a long-standing tradition for each member to use his own unique guitar to create a diverse range of tones, often playing with multiple effects at once. The guitarists’ line-up consists of Mick Thompson on rhythm guitar, Jim Root on lead guitar, Craig Jones on bass and Alessandro Venturella also known as ‘Ventor’ on keyboards.

Each musician brings something special to the table when it comes to their instrument choice; Mick Thompson opts for seven string Ibanez models while Jim Root prefers Gibson guitars. Both guitarist’s rigs are supplemented with Line 6 POD HD processors and power amps which give them huge amounts of control over tone shaping. Craig Jones uses custom Lakland basses that feature pick-ups from both Seymour Duncan and EMG whilst Ventor makes use of synthesizers from Nord Keyboards along with an array of pedals such as Big Muff distortion units for creating textures during performances.

The Slipknot team all make use of a variety instruments when performing live, demonstrating how important each member’s part is within the overall sound. With such attention given to detail regarding what guitars do slipknot use, it is no surprise that they have become one of the most successful metal acts around today.

The Signature Models of Jim Root and Mick Thomson

Guitarists Jim Root and Mick Thomson are two of Slipknot’s founding members. With their unique playing styles, they both have established themselves as guitar icons in the metal world. As such, they both have signature guitars that truly capture the essence of their sound.

Jim Root is known for his iconic Fender Telecaster and it’s no surprise that he has a signature model with them. His Telecasters come equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups, which gives them added clarity and articulation without sacrificing any of the classic punch and bite found in a traditional Telecaster. Not only do these guitars look great, but they also deliver amazing tone – perfect for any heavy riffing or technical lead playing you may want to throw at them.

Mick Thomson is more well-known for his Jackson models, so it was inevitable that he would have a signature line with them too. Like Jim Root’s Telecasters, these guitars feature Seymour Duncan pickups to give players extra clarity when shredding through leads and solos alike. They also feature an original neck design by Mick himself along with slick aesthetics that will turn heads wherever you go.

Whether you’re looking for something to help you stand out from the crowd or just want to add some iconic tones to your arsenal, these guitars from Jim Root and Mick Thomson got you covered.

Customization and Modifications on Paul Gray’s Bass Guitars

Paul Gray, the bassist for Slipknot, has a penchant for customization and modifications. His rig often features custom pickups as well as altered body shapes to create a unique tone and vibe. He prefers his basses with active electronics and is known to have frequently changed pickup configurations over the years, in order to further dial in his sound.

In addition to changing out pickups on Paul’s beloved Precision Basses, he’s also been known to alter the shape of their bodies in some very unique ways. Examples include “spiked” basses with points along the edge of their bodies and “winged” models that feature an extra curvature cutout around the bridge area. This gives them an incredibly distinct look which perfectly complements Paul’s intense playing style.

To top it off, all of these customized parts are housed within professional-grade road cases that guarantee each instrument is protected from any damage during its lifetime of touring use. With so many unique modifications and expert construction techniques taken into consideration when crafting his signature instruments, it’s no wonder why Paul has been able to take Slipknot’s legendary live performances to new heights.

James “Munky” Shaffer and the Ibanez Prestige RG Series

For guitarists looking to play like Slipknot’s James “Munky” Shaffer, the Ibanez Prestige RG series is the way to go. Munky has long been an advocate of the Ibanez brand and a pioneer in its development, even being instrumental in producing some of their iconic models. In particular, his signature Prestige RGs have become renowned for their high-quality craftsmanship and unique sound.

The neck on these guitars is made from maple with a rosewood fretboard, giving them amazing sustain and clarity as well as a great feel that Munky loves. Each model comes equipped with DiMarzio pickups designed specifically for him; including the Evolution bridge pickup which provides thick humbucker tone ideal for crunchy rhythms and searing lead lines alike. The hardware also has some special features including Gotoh tuning machines for precise intonation and stability.

On top of all this, these instruments look fantastic too. With sleek designs featuring classic finishes such as Tobacco Brown Burst or Seafoam Green Metallic that will draw eyes everywhere you go. So if you want to emulate one of the most iconic modern metal guitarists out there today then an Ibanez Prestige RG series guitar is definitely your best bet!

Corey Taylor’s Acoustic Guitar: Martin D-18E Retro

Corey Taylor, the lead singer of Slipknot, is known for his explosive and intense performances. His acoustic guitar of choice is the Martin D-18E Retro, a limited-edition version of the classic six-string dreadnought. The D-18E Retro sports a Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides with an ebony fingerboard featuring large diamond inlays inspired by 1920s designs. This limited-edition model comes with a Fishman Aura VT Enhance pickup system to give it unparalleled sound projection when playing live on stage.

Taylor’s playing style relies heavily on dynamic strumming and complex fingerpicking patterns that require great accuracy and precision. He has praised the neck design of the Martin D-18E Retro for its comfortability even during long hours spent rehearsing or performing onstage. He also admires its rich sonic characteristics which remain true across all registers, allowing him to achieve crystal clear tones no matter what tuning he uses.

The Martin D-18E Retro truly embodies Taylor’s hard rock attitude while still providing plenty of clarity and balance in his acoustic sound. With its vintage styling, this special edition guitar will definitely make any Slipknot fan proud to own one.






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