What type of guitar does Kirk Hammett play?

Kirk Hammett is known for his unique and creative playing style, often using a variety of guitars to achieve the desired sound. Most famously he uses ESP guitars with custom designs and specifications. He has been associated with various models such as the KH-2 Kirk Hammett Signature series, KH-3 Super V, MH-103QM, EX -400 and M-II. His go-to guitar is an ESP Eclipse which is similar to a Les Paul model. He also owns several other vintage instruments including Gibson SGs and Fender Strats.

Kirk Hammett’s Signature Guitar: ESP KH-2

Kirk Hammett’s choice of guitar is highly sought after by aspiring metalheads around the world. The ESP KH-2, otherwise known as the Kirk Hammett Signature Guitar, is his most favored axe. Not only does it possess a unique look and sound but also provides ultimate playability that fans have come to expect from this legendary shredder.

The ESP KH-2 features an eye-catching black finish with white binding on its mahogany body. Its maple neck and fingerboard contain 24 jumbo frets for maximum range and power chords. There are two EMG active pickups designed especially for the model which offer crunchy, distorted sounds when cranked up to 11.

The guitar has become such a popular choice among heavy metal aficionados due to its signature combination of looks, sounds and playability – all essential elements for any hard rocker worth their salt. As such, if you’re looking for an instrument that oozes attitude whilst giving you great tone then you should definitely consider the ESP KH-2.

The Features and Design of the ESP KH-2

Kirk Hammett is known for his incredible guitar playing abilities and his signature sound, which he achieves through a combination of vintage gear and modern equipment. His main instrument is an ESP KH-2 electric guitar. This axe has been designed with a few features in mind to make it perfect for the Metallica guitarist.

The most obvious feature of the KH-2 is its striking appearance, featuring an off-white finish with black pickguard and pickups that give the instrument a classic look. The body shape also provides some added versatility – from Stratocaster-style single coil tones to humbucker sounds in one versatile package.

In terms of hardware, this model includes Grover locking tuners for increased tuning stability, as well as a Floyd Rose double locking tremolo system for maximum control over string tension and whammy bar techniques. The two EMG humbuckers provide great sustain and attack when it comes to high gain lead lines – something that Hammett requires from any axe he plays onstage or in studio recordings.

The Evolution of Kirk Hammett’s Signature Sound and Playing Style

Kirk Hammett’s playing style and signature sound have evolved significantly since his early days in Metallica. During the band’s earlier years, Kirk favored Gibson Flying Vs, although he had also experimented with Fender Stratocasters for their cleaner tones. As Metallica began to become more experimental and progressive in nature, so too did Kirk’s guitars of choice shift toward Jackson guitars for their bright, articulate tone and extended range.

One of the most noteworthy examples of this evolution is Kirk’s use of custom ESPs during Metallica’s ‘Black Album’ era from 1991-1995. The combination of EMG pickups on these ESPs gave a characteristic distorted crunch that could cut through any mix; it was during this period that fans noticed a clear tonal shift towards heavier metal tones. Since then, ESP has become synonymous with Hammett and his signature sound; indeed he even has an eponymous signature series named after him.

In recent years Kirk has been experimenting more extensively with guitar effects pedals to create unique sounds for each song or performance. This allows him to use a wider palette of tones including wah-wah, phaser and distortion which can help bring out different aspects in his performances. Combined with the increasing complexity in Metallica songs over time, these new effects allow Hammett to express himself even further as an artist while still maintaining the high energy level that defines much of Metallica’s music.

Why Kirk Hammett’s Choice of Guitar Matters to Metallica Fans

Kirk Hammett is the legendary guitarist of Metallica, an iconic heavy metal band that continues to captivate millions of fans around the world. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many music enthusiasts are interested in what type of guitar he plays. While Kirk has played a few different models over his career, his most famous instrument is undoubtedly the ESP Ltd KH-2 Electric Guitar. This remarkable axe has become almost as recognizable as its user, and for good reason: it’s versatile enough to provide any kind of tone needed for Metallica’s complex sound.

In addition to providing a perfect platform for Kirk’s wide range of musical styles, the KH-2 also offers many features designed with the comfort and ease-of-use of pro players like Kirk in mind. The neck joint angle allows for greater access to higher frets; two EMG 81 active humbucker pickups generate incredible sustain; and even its die-cast chrome tuners have been custom built specifically for this model so they can handle drop tuning without sacrificing intonation or feel. As if all these features weren’t enough, this classic looking guitar also packs a striking visual punch–a combination sure to turn heads whenever played on stage or on television.

By choosing such an incredibly capable guitar–one custom tailored to meet his exact needs–Kirk Hammett’s decision reflects much more than just personal preference: it serves as a testament to how serious he takes his craft and why Metallica fans continue admiring him years later.

Exploring Other Guitars Kirk Hammett has Played Throughout His Career

Kirk Hammett is best known for his signature electric guitar playing as the lead guitarist of Metallica. He’s often seen with a Gibson Flying V, but he’s also experimented with other styles throughout his career. In the mid-1980s, Kirk began using an ESP M-II for live performances and studio recordings. This type of guitar has gained much notoriety due to its bright sound and rock ‘n’ roll style, which helped catapult Hammett into the spotlight.

As Metallica evolved their musical style in the 1990s, so did Kirk’s choice in guitars. He switched to a Fernandes Stratocaster model that was tailored specifically to his unique playing needs, giving him more control over his tone and allowing him to explore new sonic possibilities during jam sessions and recording sessions alike.

Kirk Hammett’s latest venture involves customizing already existing guitars through Fender Custom Shop Guitars – essentially taking all his favorite features from various guitars and melding them together in one instrument that truly reflects who he is as an artist. By combining elements from different makes and models, such as PRS Santana II or Jackson Randy Rhoads Pro Series V models, Kirk continues to push boundaries when it comes to sound innovation within heavy metal music today.






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