What type of guitar does Stephen Carpenter play?

Stephen Carpenter, the guitarist of the metal band Deftones, is known for his unique playing style. He predominantly plays an Ibanez S470, an extended range electric guitar with seven strings – six in standard tuning and one lower B-string. This instrument allows him to achieve a powerful low-end sound that’s integral to Deftone’s signature sound. He also utilizes a Fender Stratocaster 6-string when needed and has been seen using other types of guitars from time to time such as Gibson Les Pauls or PRS guitars.

Stephen Carpenter’s Musical Journey

Since the early days of his musical career, Stephen Carpenter has been identified with a specific type of guitar. From his involvement in post-hardcore band Deftones to multiple solo projects and collaborations with other bands, he is known as an innovative musician who often experiments with new sounds. His most iconic sound is closely associated with the Ibanez 8-string model guitar, which features two extra strings that add range and complexity to his playing style.

While this guitar has become synonymous with Stephen Carpenter’s sound, it was actually not the first instrument he learned how to play. He started out on acoustic guitar before transitioning into electric instruments like bass and lead guitars. Although he still plays a variety of different instruments during live performances, the Ibanez 8-string is what truly defines him as an artist. It gives him access to an array of tones and allows him to really express himself musically by going beyond traditional scale patterns or chord progressions.

In addition to using his custom Ibanez 8-string for studio recordings and live shows, Stephen also plays more conventional models such as Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters when performing certain songs. By mixing up his instruments in various ways, he creates unique sonic textures that showcase both his versatility as a musician and knack for pushing boundaries within different genres of music.

Stephen Carpenter’s Influences

Stephen Carpenter is a unique and prolific guitarist, having developed his own musical style over the years. His music has been influenced by several genres including funk, metal, jazz, progressive rock and more. He often blends these styles together to create something truly distinct and original.

His equipment list is ever changing as he looks for new ways to express himself musically. At the core of it all are two signature guitars: an ESP LTD SC-607 7-string guitar with EMG pickups and a Charvel Desolation DS-2 model with EMG 81/85 active humbucker pickups. Both instruments provide him with plenty of sustain and clarity when playing live or recording in the studio. He also uses various pedals such as wah-wahs, distortion boxes, phasers, flangers and delay units to further expand on his tonal palette.

In addition to blending different genres into his music, Stephen Carpenter has always had an interest in exploring traditional folk music from around the world. As part of this exploration he has begun using stringed instruments like bouzoukis, mandolins, banjos and ouds as accompaniment for certain songs during performances or recordings. These instruments add a fresh flavor to his sound that fans have come to expect from him throughout the years.

The Ibanez Model: Stephen Carpenter Signature Series

Stephen Carpenter of the band Deftones is highly praised for his unique sound and his innovative playing style. His guitar of choice is an Ibanez model, specifically his signature series SC20CM. This model was developed in collaboration between Stephen and Ibanez to create a high-quality instrument that could accommodate Carpenter’s particular needs as a musician.

The SC20CM features a mahogany body with a maple/rosewood neck, giving it plenty of sustain and clarity without sacrificing any warmth or punch in the sound. The jumbo frets also help give this axe added bite and stability when playing leads or chords. It also features two DiMarzio pickups: an Ionizer 8 in the bridge position and an Air Norton S in the neck position, both providing heavy lows and sparkling highs while maintaining balance throughout the range of tones. On top of these features, the guitar boasts several premium components such as its Gotoh locking machine heads, Tone Pros bridge, and Graph Tech nut that contribute to its superior craftsmanship.

Whether you’re looking for a smooth jazz tone or crunchy rock distortion, this signature model from Ibanez has got you covered – no matter what type of music you’re playing. Its versatile sound allows it to work well across many different genres; from hard rock riffs to pop ballads – no matter what your preference may be – this is one instrument that will turn heads wherever you go.

Custom Shop Guitars: The Modern Classic Telecaster

Stephen Carpenter, of the Grammy-award winning band Deftones, is known for his distinctive and unique approach to guitar playing. His signature sound has been crafted with an array of custom shop guitars that are a mix of classic sounds and modern features. Chief among them is his beloved Modern Classic Telecaster. Designed in the late 2000s by Fender’s Master Builder Michael Frank and then released in 2010, this “Modern Classic” model was designed to combine the traditional characteristics of vintage telecasters with new features such as improved electronics and hardware. These additions were intended to give it a more contemporary sound that was suitable for modern music styles like metal or hard rock. The result is a hybrid between retro and cutting edge technology that has stood the test of time.

Carpenter’s instrument consists of an alder body, maple neck and fingerboard with abalone dot fret markers, three single coil pickups (two “Texas Special” pickups in the neck/bridge position; one Seymour Duncan humbucker pickup at the bridge), five-way pickup switch and volume/tone knobs all finished off in aged chrome pickguard. This configuration provides an impressive amount of sonic flexibility that can be used to create any type of tone – from smooth jazzy chords to biting distorted riffs – which perfectly suits Stephen’s needs on stage or in studio recording sessions.

Alternative Guitar Gear and Effects

Stephen Carpenter, of Deftones fame, is known for his ability to blend heavy metal and alternative rock styles. His guitar playing often features a blend of traditional sounds with alternative textures that create an unmistakable sound. To achieve this signature sound, Stephen employs a range of unusual guitar gear and effects.

One such effect is the Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler, which allows him to sculpt tones from pristine digital delays to gritty-sounding tapes delays. This effect adds great depth and breadth to his solos while also allowing him to experiment with more complex sonic manipulations. Similarly, he uses the Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb Pedal for added ambience in his tone palette. By blending these two effects together he can add further layers of texture to the background of his soundscapes.

Stephen has been known to use unconventional tunings as well as standard tunings when writing or performing songs live on stage. These alternate tunings give his music an interesting tonality and they’re also perfect for creating unique chord voicings that accentuate certain notes in specific ways. As such, it seems clear that Stephen’s gear choices are heavily influenced by experimentation and creativity rather than simply sticking with what works “in theory”.






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